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Today's lesson: Introducing the site

To be
Exercise for today:
Fill the blanks with are / is / it

1. ... is a very bad situation
2. They ... going for a walk
3. Why are you sad? it ... not a very bad score
Bonus english practicing exercise for today:

Like playing with words?

What is the correct form?

a) playful b) playfhul c) playfull

a) using b) useing c) usin

a) runneing b) running c) runing
Read the following text and discuss with your class, what do you think it is about?

Last summer I went to London, I was in a little trip here and I really enjoyed visiting all the interesting stuff here! I really liked walking on the streets of London and I was always wondering hmmm why do cars go on the other side of the road? Huh, guess we'll never know anyways my trip was awesome!